A New Way of Doing Science

The Institute for Applied Computational Science was established in September 2010 by the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. It is charged with launching a unique interdisciplinary education and research program in computational science and engineering (CSE).

The mission of IACS is to:

  • create an intellectual home for faculty and students applying computational methods to major challenges in science
  • enhance existing courses in applied mathematics and computation and develop new computational science courses, activities and research opportunities for Harvard students from across the sciences

By establishing the Institute, SEAS has committed to fostering graduate training and research in applied computational science, infusing the curriculum with new courses and student research opportunities that will focus on the use of computation to power discovery and innovation.

We invite applications to our new CSE master's degree program and participation in our seminars, courses, the Secondary Field in CSE and other activities in computational science at IACS and elsewhere.

IACS 3-year Report
On May 16, 2014, IACS released its 3-year report. The report tells the founding story of IACS and provides a detailed review of IACS's work over the past three years. Read more