Student Research Projects

Fall 2013:

India has a long tradition of arranged marriage, in which parents or extended family help pick a spouse for eligible children. With the advent of the Internet in India, Internet entrepreneurs founded matrimonial services that are similar to American dating sites but focus on educational and family background rather than personality-based matching criteria.  By downloading and analyzing the aggregate data from insights into the above mentioned sociological biases could be provided. The data provided answers to interesting questions with associated policy ramifications, such as do biases reduce among more educated users, or more urban users?  

A university ranking program that re-weights and sorts universities based on user-input ranking component weights using QS / US News & World Report 2012 World Universities ranking list. 

  • TEPradio: Modeling Emotional States using EEG Signal,  Toan Phan,  Paul Koullick,  Eduardo Lopez (advisor: Pavlos Protopapas)