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Embedded within Harvard University, IACS provides a rigorous academic experience, research opportunities and access to the latest data science and computational science methodologies and tools.

IACS public events and community programs go beyond the classroom, bringing intellectual content to the broader technological and scientific community.

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Alumni Profile

Andrew Lund, S.M. '18 :
Saving lives, bringing data science to the Coast Guard

Andrew creates an ‘Operations Research and Data Analytics,’ sub-specialty within the US Coast Guard.

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Ben Cook, S.M. ’14 :
AI-driven agricultural innovation

Thanks to the education he got at SEAS, Cook is helping farms and agribusinesses modernize and survive.

Alumni Profile

Vincent Casser M.E '19 :
Synthesizing San Francisco

Casser turns still images into three-dimensional reconstruction of neighborhood

Alumni Profile

Paxton Maeder-York, S.B. ’14, S.M. ’19 :
Bringing AI to IVF

Maeder-York’s company Alife Health is using artificial intelligence to help improve outcomes and care for fertility patients