Weinstock Daniel

Data Science master’s programs - advising students about courses and other academic matters, running the admissions process, and maintaining a network of program alumni. He also advises PhD students in the CSE and Data Science Secondary Fields. Daniel is also a lecturer on Computation Science and teaches AC 298r “Interdisciplinary Seminar in Applied Computation” a course built around the IACS Seminar Series of public talks. In the course students read and discuss background material related to the topic of each talk in the seminar series and have an opportunity to interact with the invited academic and industry speakers after their presentations. Daniel has a PhD in theoretical and computational chemistry from Boston University. Before coming to Harvard, Dr. Weinstock was at Rutgers University - initially as a postdoc working in computational biophysics and later as the Associate Director for Graduate Education at the BioMaPS Institute for Quantitative Biology. He has been at IACS since the Fall of 2012 when he began work by answering questions from the first group of applicants to the jury launched CSE master’s program.