Data Collection, Management and Cleaning

The City of Como project is a collaboration with Fluxedo, an Italian startup working in partnership with the municipality of Como to model human dynamic flow in the city.  The overall aim of the project is to integrate multiple and diverse data sources to build a picture of the way people live and move around the city. Using historical telecom and social media data along with other geolocated data, the team will form a coherent picture of the daily movements of different demographic groups throughout Como, dependent on the day, time, and other factors such as weather and events.

The end result will be an interactive visualization for visitors and residents to generate crowdsourced recommendations of how to spend their time in the city.

The Como project will focus on the city of Como, a small medieval town beautifully located on Lake Como in Northern Italy, with a large alking area in the downtown district and along the lakeshore. The project consists of collecting and analyzing data about the city and the way people live and move in it by integrating multiple and diverse data sources. The problems to be addressed are:

  • Providing a reliable estimate of the overall picture of people density
  • Predicting the impact of future events positioned in time and space
  • Given a constrained budget and a cost model for sensors deployment