Designing an Optimal Career Path in Data Science


Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 4:30pm to 5:30pm


Harvard University, Pierce 213

Only open to Harvard SEAS CSE students.
Registration Required
In this session, Dr. Rachel Schutt, IACS education program director, will discuss designing optimal career paths in data science personalized to your own skill sets, strengths and preferences. As the former Chief Data Scientist at News Corp, and a former statistician at Google, Rachel built and ran data science and engineering teams.  So, she will speak from the perspective of having hired and mentored data scientists, as well as having had a non-linear career path herself.
While it's only the beginning of the semester, now is a good time to reflect upon and plan your career paths for after graduation, as well as think longer term. There are many variations across industry in data science roles and the types of companies hiring — from start-ups to banks to tech and media companies — so you have the opportunity to choose the environment, culture and types of problems you want to work on. If you're clear about what it is you're looking for, you'll be less likely to settle for less or the first offer that comes your way.  We'll work together in this session to help you achieve more clarity on the path that’s best for you.
Many of you already have had successful careers so far; many of you have plans and dreams; some of you may have vague ideas that you're not sure how to put into action; and others may not know what's possible. Any state you're in is fine and this workshop is for you!

Copies of Rachel’s book, Doing Data Science will be given out to all attendees.
Pre-work: If you have a resume, please put it in the attached format and bring it to the workshop.

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