IACS Seminar Series: NotCo: Creating an AI that fixes the broken food industry


Friday, February 12, 2021, 1:30pm to 2:30pm



Speaker: Karim Pichara, CTO & Co-Founder at NotCo

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NotCo is a Chilean startup that has been disrupting the food industry in the last four years. It was founded by Matías Muchnick, Karim Pichara, and Pablo Zamora. Their mission is to take out the animal from the food equation, proposing delicious products traditionally made with animal ingredients, just by using plants. NotCo created Giuseppe, an AI that solves a problem that probably humans would never address alone: find a way to imitate animal-based products just by using plant-based ingredients. Giuseppe today integrates dozens of different foods and plant databases. He can produce plant-based recipes with mind-blowing ingredient combinations and continuously learn with chefs and food scientists' feedback. NotCo designs their AI by an interdisciplinary team that combines Machine Learning and Software engineers, Food Scientists, and Chefs. NotCo has invested in scientific machinery that screens all the plants and food ingredients to provide Giuseppe with a novel perspective from where to analyze food. Today, Giuseppe can assist food scientists with several tasks related to product creation and scaling. NotCo aims to cover most of the critical aspects of the food industry with AI soon. The company closed a US$85 million Series C round. Their current products are NotMilk, NotBurger, NotIceCream, and NotMayo. NotCo exists in several Latin American countries and entered the US market in November 2020 with the NotMilk in Whole Foods stores.