From Notebook to Cloud: Advanced Machine Learning Workshop | ComputeFest 2020


Tuesday, January 21, 2020 (All day)

About the Workshop: In many courses on data science, mathematical and computational concepts are taught using Jupyter notebooks. Although an excellent tool, Jupyter notebook is only one part of a much greater computing ecosystem. The purpose of this module is to introduce participants to some of the big ideas comprising cloud computing. The jumping-off point will be breaking down Jupyter notebooks into real Python code followed by some basic tutorials on Python code optimization. Next, students will explore virtual environments, containers, and virtual machines before learning about microservices. From here, the module will jump into cloud computing and discuss the Google Kubernetes Engine or orchestrating and running containers. Finally, students will learn how all of this technology is already part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and will be introduced to the basics of AWS. Along the way, students will be exposed to Dask in order to understand how to scale their applications beyond a single machine.  Click here to register.

About ComputeFest: Open to the public, ComputeFest is four days of advanced applied machine learning workshops led by IACS researchers, students, alumni, and industry presenters. Workshops are directed by IACS Lecturer and Scientific Director, Pavlos Protopapas.