Understanding and Diagnosing Deep Models with Visualization: Advanced Machine Learning Workshop | ComputeFest 2020


Friday, January 24, 2020 (All day)

About the Workshop: This lecture highlights a number of ways visualization can be used to interrogate, understand and discover properties and pathologies of deep models. We will cover a number of basic visualization techniques as well as a few recently introduced methods for models used for tasks involving image and text data. The focus of this workshop on visualization will be an exploratory and diagnostic tool for researchers and engineers; we will not be addressing the usage of visualization as a explanatory tool in the context of interpretability. Click here to register.


Afternoon Workshop sponsored by MathWorks:


Deep Learning Workflows in MATLAB: a Hands-On Workshop


About ComputeFest: Open to the public, ComputeFest is four days of advanced applied machine learning workshops led by IACS researchers, students, alumni, and industry presenters. Workshops are directed by IACS Lecturer and Scientific Director, Pavlos Protopapas.