Wermelinger Fabian

Fabian Wermelinger is a lecturer at the Institute for Applied Computational Science where he teaches courses on high performance computing in science, engineering and data intense sciences.  Fabian received his PhD in computational science in 2021 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.  His work is concerned with the study of cavitation through massively parallelnsimulations of compressible multi-phase flows.  He has been conducting simulations resolving ten thousands of bubbles using trillions of computational elements on millions of CPU and GPU cores utilizing state of the art architectures. The analysis of the respective data has provided unprecedented insight into the dynamics of bubble collapse and the complex interaction of shock waves with material interfaces in cloud cavitation.  Fabian's current research is focusing on the study of cavitating bubbles in compressible turbulent flow by means of Direct Numerical Simulation as well as the improvement of reduced order models, commonly used in engineering applications, with help of machine learning techniques to account for local non-linear bubble-bubble interactions.