December 10, 2018
This fall, IACS hosted Facebook, D.E. Shaw Research and Google’s Deep Mind as part of the Institute's annual Tech Talk series. The talks, featuring discussions on data science, machine learning, and computational biochemistry, provided an intimate setting for master’s and PhD students to connect one-on-one with data science and computational science professionals to network and gain a deeper understanding of the work being done by prospective employers.
Avery Faller

Alumni Profile | Making Autonomous Vehicles A Little More Human

August 2, 2018

Autonomous vehicles have a problem. Without a human driver behind the wheel, a self-driving car could miss some of the subtle and subjective nuances from pedestrians that enable motorists to avoid potentially fatal accidents.

But instead of expecting pedestrians to change their behavior to accommodate self-driving vehicles, why not program the vehicles to behave a little more like human beings?

Avery Faller, S.M. ’16, is exploring that question as senior machine learning engineer at Perceptive Automata, a Boston and...

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