Weiwei Pan

Weiwei is a machine learning researcher in the Data to Actionable Knowledge (DtAK) lab at Harvard. Her PhD is in pure mathematics and her current work focuses on building machine learning models with guaranteed properties that align with task-specific desiderata, such as human interpretability, risk-awareness and satisfaction of domain-specific constraints. Weiwei is dedicated to supporting women, first-generation students and students from historically minoritized backgrounds in STEM through equalizing access to opportunities in higher education. Weiwei has experience organizing community outreach programs, undergraduate mentoring/research programs and summer REU programs for underrepresented and underserved students in mathematics. At Harvard, Weiwei served as a research mentor in IACS summer REU programs, an organizer of the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Cambridge workshops as well as an organizer in the Stanford Global WiDS Datathon Challenge. Weiwei created and teaches the Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership in Tech seminar at IACS and is the faculty advisor for the IACS Graduate Advisory Committee - a student group focused on community building through diversity, inclusion and belonging. Weiwei supervises undergraduate and graduate research, interested students are welcomed to reach out for research opportunities.